Successful Clients
Thomas Leonard,
Sun City Center, FL


Enrich and support the personal coaching industry.


Thomas continually came up with ideas to support the coaching industry. We worked closely with Thomas and his staff to understand how each new program he was workng on integrated with others.

Thomas' story
Thomas was a leading voice in the world of business and personal coaching. He had vision, ideas and drive. Thomas saw the world as one in which people can do business to the mutual and personal benefit of everyone involved.

He made his business helping coaches coach. If you aspired to be a business or personal coach, Thomas provided Internet-based services that would help you start and maintain that career. He coached for years before he started training coaches. As a result, he understood what coaches need and want.

Thomas saw each service he developed as serving dual roles. The first role was that of the service itself. The second role was that of a marketing tool. It is a winning strategy. While each service has a burden of profitablility, it also contributes to the bottom line by being a long term marketing resource.

By carefully crafting services that fulfilled his customers' needs and simulataneously marketing his own services, Thomas thrived in a poor economic climate. He had a budget to develop services that are worthwhile for his customers and had realistic expectations about the return on investment from the development. Some projects exceed expected ROI; in turn, those projects receive more business analysis and development energy.

Here is a partial list of software services that Cicada has developed and integrated into Thomas' world:

  • Extensive class registration system
  • Extensive affiliate program
  • E-commerce systems
  • Broadcast mailing system
  • RealAudio(TM) recording system
  • Coach referral service
  • Telephone-bridge rental system
  • much much more

Thomas' strengths were his entrepreneureal instincts (enabling him to assume risk to reap reward), knowledge of his market, drive to succeed, creative nature, and general ability to manage his business.

These strengths make a winning combination, almost a roadmap for others. Thomas identified Cicada as a key partner over 10 years ago. We worked together closeley until his untimely passing in 2003.