Online Event Registration

Cicada Consulting Group offers a web-based registration service. This service enables organizations to easily build registration forms for upcoming events and make them available to the public online. Code-named i-Register, this is a customized software solution that provides web-based registration for events, conferences, classes or meetings. The service offers a cost-effective solution that enables organizations to design and administer unlimited custom registration forms via the web.

Web-based Registration Service

The web interface provides secure access for event registration from any web browser with access to the Internet and can be used by in-house staff and/or clients. i-Register provides administrative access to view, print, and download registration data for importing into an existing database. In addition, the service can be customized to fit the needs of organizations with specific requirements.

This web-based service employs a flexible business model designed to accommodate individual business requirements. The business model incorporates a fee paid to Cicada for each registrant using the system, thus minimizing upfront development costs.

The registration service consists of the following processes:

  • Administration

    With a valid account, administrative users have the ability to design and administer custom registration forms, view registration data, and download data for importing into a database. Administrative users can select their own ID and password to access registration information about their events.

  • Registration

    Registrants are provided a URL (web site address) that points directly to the registration form. Registrants work with a simple interface for entering data such as: contact information, event options, and payment method.