Self-service recruiting tools

Cicada teamed with the outstanding Decision Toolbox of Long Beach, CA to form an efficient and cost-effective job recruitment service.

Decision Toolbox has a long history in the recruitment industry. Cicada has a long history with Decision Toolbox. We have provided Decision Toolbox with customized software applications since 1997.

Our companies are working together to offer a powerful but cost-effective tool to companies in need of recruiting services. Decision Toolbox has assembled a feature-rich service which allows companies to create job listings, post job listings to major job boards easily, and to subsequently manage the responses from job applicants.

Cicada is the Recruitment Ad Agency for Decision Toolbox's MyRecruitingMachine service. Cicada has developed specialized data management tools useful for posting job listings on major job boards.

For more information about Decision Toolbox's recruiting service, myRecruitingMachine, please contact

  Jay Barnett
  Decision Toolbox
For more information about Cicada's Recruitment Advertising services please contact
  Lewis Downey
  Cicada Consulting
  919-664-8086 x 31